About Think Security First!

More than 35 years in security and privacy around the world has given us unique perspective and taught us some invaluable lessons.

And the most important lesson of all is that it’s all about people. Security is essentially, fundamentally, all about people. We call it "people–centered security."


We use video to speak to your customers and employees about things like security and privacy:

  • For wealth managers who want to provide a unique service to their HNW clients.
  • For financial advisors who want to help protect and reassure their clients.
  • For credit unions that want to educate and inform their members.
  • For businesses that want to make sure their employees are aware of their critical security roles.

No sterile or canned presentations, no cartoons, animations, or explainer videos, but personal one-to-one chats with one of the most compelling and engaging security experts who will have your audience sitting up and paying attention. Meet him.


Guarding the Candy Store

Based on years of experience working with wealth managers and their clients, Guarding the Candy Store is a comprehensive training program that teaches high net worth families about the threats they face to their security and privacy from cyber criminals, hackers, and identity thieves.

The term Candy Stores comes from a criminal community that understands why high net worth targets offer access to a wealth of data-rich connections. Learn more.


Employee Security Awareness Programs

The results are in and overwhelming. Your employees are your first, best, and cheapest line of defense against data and security breaches. Or they can be the next breach. It’s your call.  Our solution is pretty unique, not to mention so affordable that budget won’t even be an issue.

Our approach is to make awareness interesting, immersive, and personal. Very, very personal. Learn More.


Executive Briefings

Running any business is tough, and it’s a full time job. But so is security. The average SMB is attacked an average of 44 times every day. Somewhere, lurking on your payroll, is a mistake waiting to happen, and a single security or privacy mistake could cost you dearly. Our Executive Security Briefings will help you navigate your way through the increasingly dense jungle of security and privacy challenges, and help you create that cherished culture of security that will be your best defense.


Speaking and On Site Presentations

Think Security First! Founder Neal O’Farrell has been teaching and talking about security for decades. In 1988 he co-hosted with IBM one of Europe’s first Network Security Conferences. He has spoken about security, privacy, fraud prevention, and leadership for a variety of audiences including Facebook, the National Association of Secretaries of State, Ameriprise, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, U.S. Bank, U.S. Trust National Privacy Day, and American Century Insurance.


ACT - Accelerated Cybersecurity Training

The critical shortage in trained cybersecurity specialists is both a national and business security crisis, and waiting is not an option. Think Security First! is developing an Accelerated Cybersecurity Training program that will put candidates through six months of full time, live, and in-depth training in both security and privacy, with certifications in both, and a solid mix of classroom education, real-world training, and live hacking exercises. The result will be a steady pipeline of workforce-ready, entry-level security pros ready to hit the ground running.


Custom Training

We can provide customized versions of our Think Security First! training program, ranging from adding your branding and messaging throughout, to customizing the content to match your security messages and policies, to building bespoke training programs just for you.


Giving Back For Greater Awareness

Our One-For-One program donates a complete security awareness program to a school or non-profit every time we make a sale. Our Schooled In Security Program encourages schools to steer students to studies and careers in security to help fill the critical national cyber skills gap. And as Executive Director of the nonprofit Identity Theft Council, Neal O’Farrell has led the fight against the #1 consumer crime and fear. A crime fuelled by data breaches. At smaller firms. Triggered by employees. It’s all connected.



Did we mention we’re video geeks too? We have our own fully equipped studio, with a growing inventory of cameras, lighting, audio, and props, as well as extensive editing suites and capabilities, and a team of experienced videographers, producers, lighting, and sound professionals. In 2013 Neal produced and directed “In the Company of Thieves,” a documentary featuring jailhouse interviews with notorious identity thieves and scam artists, and supported by Experian. He also appeared in the Discovery Channel’s Investigation Discovery series.