C-Suite Awareness Training

C-Suite Awareness Training

For Financial Advisors


Every employee needs to go through routine and relevant security awareness training as often as possible. And training that is as appropriate to the role as possible.

And that includes executives and board members. The C Suite and board members are increasingly a top target for all kinds of cyber crooks, and often in the correct belief that these above all other targets are rich in potential payoffs, can be a potential back-door to their personal connections and to the business, and are often less careful about security.

    Our 20-minute course explains to these critically important executives how and why they’re a target, and what they can do about it. We address all the same topics you might currently address in your employee security awareness program, but in a much more concise and relevant way.

    That includes phishing awareness, best password practices, vulnerabilities when traveling or working from home, safe data handling practices, the threats of malware and more.

    We also provide recommendations for the most trusted password managers and VPNs, to help them upgrade their personal security without adding any burden to your security team.