Candy Store video

"Guarding the Candy Store" packs 35 years of global security and privacy experience into one short video specifically tailored for high net worth families and their advisors.


It was all created by Neal O’Farrell, not only one of the first generation of cybersecurity experts, but also one of the few who specializes in protecting high net worth consumers and their businesses.

Over his 35+ years in security globally, Neal has helped every conceivable organization protect their data, their secrets, and their clients, including governments, the military, the intelligence community, major banks, and thousands of consumers. Learn more about him.

The Guarding the Candy Store video runs for a little under 30 minutes, and can be made available to your clients as either a single video or separated into 4 shorter videos.

The videos are all shot and edited in our professional studio in Cincinnati Ohio.


Bringing the best advice home to your clients


This unique video delivers to your clients Neal’s decades in cybersecurity and privacy, and his nearly 10 years working with high net worth clients, victims, and cases. As head of the Identity Theft Council, Neal has personally counseled thousands of victims of identity theft, including hundreds of cases involving high net worth victims.

He has taught security to numerous audiences including US Trust, Stifel Nicolaus, Wells Fargo Wealth Managers, Ameriprise, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, Facebook, the National Association of Secretaries of State, and Ascent Private Capital, the wealth management division of US Bank. He has worked with firms that provide specialty insurance products for high net worth families, including American Century, the Denver Agency, and Pure Insurance.

And he’s also taken on complex cases referred to him by the FBI, the Secret Service, and cyber insurance companies.



Throughout this unique video, your clients will learn:


  • Why cybercrooks and identity thieves use this term and target this demographic.
  • Who the crooks and thieves are, and what are their motives.
  • What kinds of information are they after?
  • The most common tricks and tactics.
  • The weak links that cybercrooks will try to exploit.
  • How high net worth targets are used as a back door to their business and social networks.
  • Why information is more valuable than money.
  • How high net worth consumers can protect themselves.




A key attraction of the Guarding the Candy Story video is our ability to customize it throughout so that all your clients, and anyone they share the video with, will understand that it comes from you.


Customization options include:

  • Your welcome message, name, and logo in the opening segment.
  • A personal thank-you from Neal to your firm as the video opens.
  • Your logo prominently displayed in the background throughout the entire video.
  • Each video segment can end with your logo.
  • We can include in the video excerpts from any videos you’ve already created, or videotaped comments from your team.

Neal’s complementary security book “Double Trouble – Protecting Your Identity in an Age of Cybercrime” can also include your branding and welcome messages. The book is free to your clients, who are also free and encouraged to share the book with their family, friends, co-workers and connections.

Not just a great way to spread the "security first" message, but also to encourage personal introductions to your firm.