Candy Stores


“When I interviewed a notorious identity thief serving a long prison sentence in California, he spoke about Candy Stores. He said that whenever he was able to break into the personal and financial life of higher net worth consumers, and all their connections, he had so many options he felt like a kid in a candy store.

Neal O’Farrell


Ray Jail  

educate and protect your high net worth clients

Your clients expect the best from you, and you’re committed to making sure they’re not disappointed. And that's just as important when it comes to their security and privacy too.
Guarding the Candy Store is a unique education program created by a unique cybersecurity expert, and designed to help wealth managers and financial advisors help their affluent and high net worth clients protect themselves from the cyber crooks and identity thieves that are increasingly focusing on them.
The program includes:


  • A library of nearly 30 short security guides, customized and branded, in PDF form, and each guide about 5-7 pages. A great way for your clients to learn about specific topics like identity theft, ransomware, good password practices and a dozen other issues. Not to mention 30 more opportunties to share with their networks and introduce your firm to their friends.


  • A custom and branded security and privacy self audit – a simple tool your clients can use to avoid the most common mistakes and remind themselves of the safer choices.


  • Additional short videos on topics like preventing identity theft, good password practices, safer mobile practices, avoiding phishing, and understanding who the hackers are.


  • A complete stand-alone security portal to make it even easier to engage and educate your clients, and at the same time encourage them to introduce you to their own networks. See a sample.

Additional Services

Employee security awareness training - our live online training program will help your employees better understand the critical role they play in security, and how protecting higher net worth clients comes with its own special challenges. Learn more.
Client security webinars - treat your clients to an online version of the highly popular presentation Neal has made to firms like Ascent Private Capital, Morgan Stanley, and US Trust. Learn more.



Your clients are encouraged to share these invaluable and essential tools with friends, colleagues, business and social connections. With your name and branding throughout, it’s a great way to generate more personal introductions from your clients.




Each version of the video, book, and security self-audit is unique to your firm, with your specific messages, logo, and brand throughout. That means we work with you to agree on this branding and messaging, then go back into the studio and make the content uniquely yours. It's a more personal touch than a stock off-the-shelf products and your clients will probably appreciate that.



  • Provide expert and discrete advice to your clients on a topic most of them worry about but might not want to discuss openly.
  • Encourage your clients to visit your website and engage with you more often.
  • Remind your clients that you understand the threats and take their security and privacy seriously.
  • Show your clients that they have access to not only one of the leading security and privacy experts, but one of the few to specialize in the protection of high net worth consumers.
  • Spread your firm’s name and attract other potential clients. 

Only the best for your clients


Neal O’Farrell is not only one of the first generation of cybersecurity experts, he’s also one of the few who specializes in protecting high net worth consumers and their businesses. Learn more about him.