Current Lessons

FirmsThink Security First! currently consists of 12 short lessons, with more being added, and each lesson lasts just 5-7 minutes.

And because the lessons are short and individual, it's easy for employees to revisit all or key lessons at any time to refresh their memory and recharge their awareness. All our lessons are created as individual video files, available in MP4, WMV, or MOV format.


  • Why Security Awareness Matters
  • Safe and Secure Password Practices
  • Email and Messaging Security
  • Managing Mobile Security Risks
  • Understanding Malware and How To Avoid it
  • Phishing and How To Avoid It
  • Understanding How Hackers Work
  • BYOD - Safely Using Your Personal Devices for Work
  • Understanding and Avoiding Data Breaches
  • The Role of Privacy in Security
  • Protecting Sensitive Data
  • Identity Theft and How To Prevent It
  • Cyber Safe Outside the Workplace
  • Personal and Family Security

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