We like to be upfront about pricing. We think it’s a great way to start building trust.

So here goes.


That’s how much our entire training program will cost you. No additional charges, no hidden fees, no monthly or annual licenses. Nothing. Nada. It’s yours to own, forever. And ever. How about that for “upfrontedness”?
The security awareness business has always worked on a predictable model. Keep growing by keep charging – for every employee who takes part in training, and every time they participate. Per-employee and per-seat fees, annual or monthly licenses, maintenance costs, onboarding fees, upgrades and updates, reports, and on and on.
A perfectly legitimate business model, except it usually presents budget challenges for SMBs. We hope our pricing approach solves that important challenge.


  • Our entire course of training modules, consisting of 12 videos personally created and presented by Think Security First! founder Neal O’Farrell. That’s a total of one hour and thirty minutes of personal training and more coming.

  • A perpetual license – which means you own the course, you can host it anywhere, and use it in any way you want (except sell it – please don’t try that).

  • That means you never have to spend another dime on employee security awareness, if you don’t want to.



Free Upgrades
You’ll also get 24 months of free upgrades and updates. That means any time we improve the course (we’re constantly improving it), add new lessons, and even create an entirely new version, you get a copy of it for up to two years. At no additional cost. So your training is always current.

Free Testing and Compliance

  • Need to test your employees or prove compliance? All customers have lifelong access to our online testing module.

  • All your employees can take our 100-question test based on the course content, and take it as many times as they need until they pass.

  • And when they do pass, each employee will receive a personalized, numbered, and dated “Certificate of Information Security Awareness in the Workplace.”

  • An incentive and reward for your employees, and a powerful compliance tool for you.


Free Hosting

  • Your own dedicated, customized, and branded security awareness portal, packed with lots of great extras and also free for the first 2 years. See a sample.

  • Or you can host the entire course free on your own networks, Learning Management System (LMS) or free on Vimeo or YouTube.



Call Neal O'Farrell at (925) 914 0248 (EST), email him at emailme (at) nealofarrell.com, or use this form to send us a message.