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Neal O’Farrell, an award-winning consumer security advocate and executive Director of the Identity Theft Council, has created a unique program designed not only to protect your members and their families from cyber threats and identity theft, but to also help educate the local community, build your brand, and reach and engage new members.

The program is based around a collection of professionally-created videos and are the result of Neal’s more than 35 years in global cybersecurity and fraud prevention.



  • “How To Prevent Identity Theft,” customized and branded for your credit union, this 6-minute shares Neal’s wisdom gained from assisting thousands of victims, working with hundreds of law enforcement agencies, and even interviewing convicted identity thieves. Learn more.


  • “Their Own Words,” a 14-minute video that introduces your members and community to real identity thieves, prosecutors, and victims whose individual stories can provide the greatest insight. Learn more.


  • “Double Trouble – The Book,” a customized and branded edition of Neal’s 250-page security guide, in PDF format, that covers identity theft, staying safe online, malware and ransomware, protecting kids and the elderly, and even protecting your small business. Perfect for sharing and viral marketing. Learn more.


  • Coming Soon - A series of shorter videos that teach your members and community about things like best password practices, phishing, malware and ransomware, data breaches, who the hackers are and more.



Give your members and your community direct access to the best advice from one of the top experts, and all in a format that’s easy to use and easy to share. And plenty of advice for your business members too.




Your members are encouraged the share the content with everyone they know, so that everyone can, well, know! That means referring members and non-members to your website so they can view the videos and download the book, and sharing the book as an attachment. And because your logo and message are everywhere, we can’t think of a better way to spread your name and meet more members.




Each version of the videos and book is unique to your firm, with your specific messages, logo, and brand throughout. That means we work with you to agree on this branding and messaging, then go back into the studio and make the content uniquely yours. It's a more personal touch than a stock off-the-shelf products and your clients will probably appreciate that.




Identity theft, fraud, cybercrime – they’re not going away any time soon. And while there’s plenty of well-meaning advice in circulation, much of it can be inaccurate, confusing, or just plain wrong.

With 35-years experience under his belt, as a sought-after advisor, and as a media spokesperson, Neal O’Farrell can’t afford to get it wrong. So your members and community can trust that he knows what he’s talking about


Meet your expert


Neal O’Farrell is an award-winning consumer security advocate, and with more than 35 years global experience in cybersecurity, privacy, and fraud prevention, ranks as one of the longest-serving security experts on the planet.

As head of the Identity Theft Council, Neal has counseled thousands of victims of identity theft, worked with hundreds of law enforcement agencies including the FBI and Secret Service, interviewed professional identity thieves in and out of prison, and worked with countless organizations from the FTC and FCC to the National Association of Secretaries of State and the US Congress.


Neal Credit Unions


When he founded the non-profit Identity Theft Council in 2010, the first meeting in San Francisco was attended by nearly 30 organizations, from Visa and Paypal to the FBI, Secret Service, and the U.S. Postal Inspectors.

But the biggest group to show up and support the launch was credit unions – nearly a third of participants were credit unions including Patelco, Provident, Meriwest and Keypoint. And that support and resolve was what helped the Council win one of the nation’s most prestigious security awards just one year later. Meet him.