Using identity theft to improve employee security awareness

If you want to use National Cybersecurity Awareness Month to remind your employees about their critically important role in preventing security and data breaches, then why not make it personal?


A recent study found that 2020 was the worst year on record for identity theft, the biggest crime spree in the history of America, and the biggest security worry for consumers - your employees.CAM smallr

More than 20 million new victims last year alone, or 55,000 every day, and in three adults reported falling victim.


What’s feeding this identity theft epidemic? The epidemic of data breaches.

  • In this very unique 27-minute video, your employees will learn about those connections, why preventing data breaches can help reduce the risk of identity theft for everyone, and why the awareness and behavior needed for both are really the same.
  • Your employees will meet some real thieves, prosecutors, and victims, and they’ll learn the best and easiest ways to protect themselves and their loved ones.
  • And most important, they’ll hopefully view workplace security awareness, and their role in it, a little differently.


What's covered in the video? 

  • The surge in the epidemic of identity theft, and its direct connection to workplace data breaches.
  • Understanding the different types of identity theft and how to avoid them.
  • Meet a real identity thief, a prosecutor of identity theft, and a victim.
  • Two different identity theft cases show how devastating the crime can be.
  • How the behavior and choices that help prevent identity theft are almost identical to preventing security and data breaches.


A great supplement to your existing training

Let's face it, most employees think security awareness training is boring and irrelevant. Which is why it rarely works. Our training helps to make security awareness more effective by making it more relevant, personal, and topical. And a great addition to your current training program.


Looking for something beyond Cybersecurity Awareness Month?

We’ll also be offering an identical version of the video, but without any reference to National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, so you can use the same video all year round.



Both versions of the video can be branded with your logo and imagery.



The video costs between $2,500 and $3,500 depending on the level of branding and the number of versions - Cybersecurity Awareness Month + a non-Cybersecurity Awareness Month version. You'll own the video outright and we can upload it to your LMS or host it on a private branded page with a message from your organization, at no extra cost.


Don't have the budget right now?

You can have the video now, use it now, and pay for it later, at no additional charge. Just ask us.






Neal O’Farrell is one of the world’s longest-serving security and privacy experts, nearly 40 years around the world. He built his first employee security awareness program nearly 20 years ago, and in 2002 he headed Think Security First!, the first attempt to raise the security awareness of an entire city.

As head of the Identity Theft Council, Neal has led the charge against America’s fastest growing crime, and spent more than a decade tracking thousands of data breaches. He’s worked with the FCC, FTC, the National Association of Secretaries of State, the FBI, US Secret Service, US Congress, the International Association of Chiefs of Police and many others.

He’s a winner of SC Magazine’s Editors Choice Award, presented at RSA in 2011, and the first ever winner of the Eigen Award, presented by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners at the headquarters of Wells Fargo in San Francisco. Meet him.

“Bottom line? Neal O’Farrell knows what he’s talking about."
Brett "GOllumfun" Johnson, co-founder of the Shadowcrew carder forum and former US Most Wanted Cybercriminal