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Have You Downloaded Some Double Trouble?

“Double Trouble – Protecting Your Identity in an Age of Cybercrime”  is Neal’s new book. 30 chapters and 250-pages of no-nonsense advice every consumer (and employee) can use.  Check it out now.



NBC News, February 2018
After mega hack, Equifax launches free ‘Lock & Alert’ service — with mixed results. Read More.
NBC News, January 2018
This former identity thief now fights the crimes he helped perfect. Read More. 
Consumer Affairs, November 2017 
Software company Expensify admits to outsourcing work containing sensitive data - security consultant Neal O’Farrell calls the practice a recipe for disaster because it is very vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks. Read more.
The Street, October 2017
10 Ways To Protect Your Identity For Free. Read more.
Reuters, September 2017
“Trust has vanished completely,” says Neal O’Farrell, executive director of the Identity Theft Council. “If you don’t know who to trust anymore, you don’t even know who to go to for help.” Read More.
CNN, September 2017
“It was the one unique piece of information that would identify every consumer individually," Neal O'Farrell, executive director of the Identity Theft Council. Read More. 
NBC News, September 2017
Neal O’Farrell, executive director of The Identity Theft Council, cautions that the industry has "over-promised and exaggerated the real strength of these products.” Read More.
Chicago Tribune, September 2017
"This is a new era," said Neal O'Farrell, executive director of the Identity Theft Council. Because the data stolen from Equifax was so massive and extensive, "now you must assume the bad guys have everything." Read More.
Marketplace, September 2017
"Because big, bad, and in some cases lazy businesses hijacked it," said Neal O'Farrell, head of the Identity Theft Council. Read More.



PR Web, September 2017
Neal O’Farrell, founder of the Identity Theft Council, today announced the launch of Operation Stop IT!, a national identity theft prevention initiative in partnership with the International Association of Chiefs of Police, the Identity Theft Resource center, the Credit Union National Association, the American Bankers Association, Civic, Transunion and others. More.

October 9th 2017
Neal O’Farrell releases his latest book “Double Trouble – Protecting Your Identity In An Age Of Cybercrime,” one of the most comprehensive security guides for consumers and small business owners. Learn more at




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