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Imagine if by simply investing in a very affordable Think Security First! Program you could make security awareness available to schools, teachers, and students, and maybe even help create a new generation of security-savvy and breach-ready consumers?

Stop imagining. Because for every sale we make of our Think Security First! Program, we’ll donate a complete copy to a school of your choice. That means teachers, staff, and students can learn the essential security basics, in their own environment, at no cost to them or the school.

   A security savvy school not only means a safer and more secure school, it also means less risk of data exposure for teachers, students, and parents. And a chance to reach and teach students about security at the best time possible.

   Schools are increasingly a major breeding ground for malware, phishing, ransomware, cyber extortion and many other threats. Once inside the school, these threats can target sensitive and private employee, teacher, and student information, and from there spread outward throughout the community through family connections.

   That may be why the education sector has consistently ranked in the Top 5 targets for hackers, according to the Annual Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report. And targeted even more than the healthcare and retail sectors.

   Most schools don’t have the budget or other resources to provide constant training to teachers and staff. Your decision, to Think Security First! and to support Think Security First! could reach far beyond the borders of your own business. We think that’s a cause worth supporting. And who knows. Some of those students could be your next employees, and already well on their way to being the vigilant sentries you need.